An Appeal for Signatures

by Jeremy Acton - Leader of the Dagga Party
Here is the form for registered voters to sign. Please print out and sign and post to IQELA LENTSANGO, PO Box 5396, Tygervalley, 7536

Hello, Friends of the Cannabis Culture of South Africa,

(Please also forward this to others who support the legalization of Cannabis in South Africa)

IQELA LENTSANGO: The Dagga Party of South Africa needs to gather 500 signatures of REGISTERED VOTERS on the official form

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to register with the IEC on a NATIONAL LEVEL to participate in the next elections in 2014. This is a call to all the users of the Cannabis plant in South Africa (or those non-users who favour re-legalization of Cannabis), to co-create a new political and social mechanism for ending the prohibition of Cannabis and to allow a legalization vote at the ballot in Elections 2014. Please would you help us to register IQELA LENTSANGO: The Dagga Party of South Africa? This is how you help us to register nationally: ------------------------------ Please note:

1. The form must be printed out and signed with a *black pen*. Write as small as you can.

2. The people who sign do not have to be supporters of the Dagga Party. They are only being asked to allow the Party to register. Sympathetic non-Cannabis users should be asked to the greatest extent possible, (but don't forget the smokers!)

3. Smokers of Cannabis must not fear discrimination for signing. They have a Constitutional right to form a political party. They should be proud because they are helping to make history.

4. The people who sign MUST BE REGISTERED VOTERS. If you want to check if you are a registered voter go to this link: Link to check registration status

5. The name written by the person must match the name recorded in their ID book.

6. The completed forms should be posted to *IQELA LENTSANGO c/o J D. Acton, PO Box 5396, Tygervalley, 7536.

The information provided by those who sign will not be divulged to anyone except to the IEC for the sole purpose of registering the Dagga Party.

Next year (2014) the Parliamentary, Provinicial and local elections occur and if we are nationally registered, any local Cannabis Culture group in any dorp or ward would be allowed to pop out of nowhere and motivate in their area for a legalisation ballot. A succesful campaign will also require that we find the correct people in the communities who not only are members of the South African Cannabis Culture, but are also competent and respected leaders in their community, to stand forward and present the Dagga Party policies as they are at present, and as they might be ratified at a first Dagga Party of South Africa Congress.

The Dagga Party of South Africa has a potentially huge political support, and the multicultural voter base for our party would express a new solidarity in our country: Not Black vs. White. GREEN! We, the members of the Dagga Culture in South Africa have been oppressed for over 100 years, yet we are the 1 out of every 3 citizens that uses the Cannabis Tree. I hope we could put aside old affiliations and stand together in mutual respect for each other and in shared respect for this God-given Tree called Cannabis.

In the end the success of the Dagga Party of South Africa depends on all supporters implementing real change at home and in their neighbourhood through co-operative mobilisation, (whether or not we have seats in Parliament), and we begin with the gathering of these signatures.

These 500 signatures are needed to win the next victory towards gaining our rights. The national registration of a Dagga Party in South Africa will be featured by the press and immediately provide a strong platform for the legalisation movement to write its own legalization and not have to depend on concessions from an unwilling and corporate-controlled government..

There also is a great potential for the successful mobilization of ALL of those UNEMPLOYED CITIZENS who presently are totally ignored by the financial industrial system. I ask you all to tell your contacts about the Dagga Party and to encourage them to REGISTER TO VOTE for Elections 2014.

The Dagga party will complete in the 2014 elections with the Motto: "LEGALISE 2014: Dagga for a Sustainable Nation."

I call to my tribe! My nation! Amatshayayo!! AmaDaggaDagga! Rise Up and Stand together! Express your Culture! Write your name where your heart is. And then one day we can vote a ONE LOVE vote for freedom and a sustainable future.


Jeremy David Acton

Leader IQELA LENTSANGO: The Dagga Party of South Africa


Here is the form for registered voters to sign. Please print out and sign and post to IQELA LENTSANGO, PO Box 5396, Tygervalley, 7536



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